Your Writing Coach: Train Your Inner Author

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Since early childhood we are told and taught that if we want to achieve something, we must go and do something for it. Material things we associate our personal success with don’t fall from the skies, and wizards don’t appear from anywhere to rescue us when their intervention is actually more than welcome. Still, sober optimism raises its voice inside our heads to remind us that the powers we need are in our hands and heads. We just must learn how to apply them.

Somehow this idea is drawing me a picture of my college days: here I am, sitting at my favorite campus cafe and trying to type my essay or story for a literature class for many long hours; my head loaded with unsaid and unwritten words. But what can help me get them out of there and build a nice text with them?

Have you ever felt how your thoughts are bumping into one another inside your brain, making your finger push the Backspace button again and again after it seems that you have managed to type down at least one of them? If yes, then you know what I mean.

Nevertheless, little achievements give big opportunities. These days our team of college friends are experienced advisors, managers and tutors from different spheres, who are sharing their writing experience and professional skills with you. Our blog has become a kind of compilation of ideas, tips, recommendations and exercises for everybody who wants to start or continue writing.

Follow our regular updates to learn more about successful writing careers, latest requirements or and features of global content in the 21st century, as well as plenty of other surprising but real-life issues.

And now let’s take a look at the brief overview of our training blog’s program! Check more details below and find out how you can fulfill your writing dreams!

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Know the Reasons and Look for the Solutions

Whether you are just overfilled with some emotions you want to express, or your boss wants you to prepare an article about the latest novelty of your company, it is all about the driving force that makes you sit down and write. You will learn how to discover it, tame it, and orient it towards the best result.

Find Your Sources of Ideas

What we mean here is not only your favorite paper guide or online magazine. We are going to talk about where you should look for ideas and learn how to generate new ones, depending on what you are writing about. Besides, we will find out why audience’s preferences, latest events, and other external factors which can influence your train of thought are worth taking into consideration, as well as how they can help you with your work.

Choose the Most Effective Strategies

It is very brave of you to believe that you can write “with bare hands”. Still, if at the same time you have some strategy and plan in reserve, you can definitely act even more resolutely and achieve much better results. That is why we are going to reveal the secrets of effective and persuasive writing together, so that you replenish your arsenal and could feel confident about any type of text you are working with!

Develop Writer’s Self-Discipline

You will see how broad this notion is and how helpful such skill can be. We will make out how to meet deadlines without sacrificing sleep, how to make yourself write without losing the purpose of your efforts, as well as how to deal with many other everyday writer’s challenges.

Thank you for staying with your Pedantic Writing Coach. Good luck!