• Steve really knows his stuff. His knowledge of all aspects of writing is excellent and his comments, good or bad, always motivate me to write better. His help with the sequel to I Won a Spaceship is proving invaluable.
    Harrison Park
  • Steve provides expert guidance from the start. Whether literary theory, structure or just creative ideas he is an exceptional and passionate force to move anyones book project along to completion.
    An author coming soon to your bookshelf!
  • Working with Steve has taken me on a journey from being a passive player in the writing process to being able to express my heros conquests with flair and eloquence.
    Charlotte Bjuren
  • Steve hellpt me writ bettur: realli impruvd my buk lots!
    Ian S. Graham
  • Steve appears in the acknowledgements for helping edit these works:
    • Black Sun Rising, by C.S. Friedman, 1991
    • HTML Sourcebook 3rd Ed., 1997, by Ian S. Graham
    • Wings of Wrath, C.S. Friedman, 2010
    • Screenplay: Astrid Silverlock, 2017, by Robert Rhodin
      (Steve did the translation from the original Swedish)
    • Carpet Diem, by Justin Lee Anderson, 2014
    • GoneGod World, Episode One, by R.E. Vance 2015
    • GoneGod World, Episode Two, by R.E. Vance 2016