Beginner’s Mistakes in Writing

In this article, we are going to talk about where to start and how to avoid widespread mistakes of newbie writers. Nobody was born a great writer, it is only possible to become one through the hard work on self-improvement. Writer’s work is a serious job. If you think you have some abilities for it but don’t know how to use them, then read the following text and start working.

There You Go, Cowboy!

Writer Mistaken

So, the first widespread mistake of freshman writers is their unsure position. What is the reason? There are numerous books on different topics and any taste in our times. It seems impossible to write something new that was never written before.

Of course, the freshman writer has serious doubts: is there any sense of trying to bring something to humanity, if everything was written already long ago? This is the first mistake.

Every human is unique, and has something to tell this world. Many generous ideas were implemented before, that’s true. But if you feel the need to “share” something, go and try it. Don’t hold yourself up. Be sure: if you write down your thoughts in the right way, your work will obligatory find its readers and admirers.

What’s The Deal?

Second mistake: freshman writer is confused and doesn’t know what to write about. This mistake comes from the same reason as the first one. Or such problem might appear because of the author’s “little life experience”. Such writer may decide to wait “till spring”, when this experience comes, and then they will have something to write about.

This is a mistake! Even a child has something to tell this world, what to say about you then? There are no limits, trust your intuition. The human often can’t imagine himself what a treasure chest is their mind and how much information it can keep. Believe in yourself, and give yourself a try.

I’m Sorry, Not Today

The third mistake: the lack of time. The truth is, the lack of time is only the excuse which slows down the development of any freshman writer. Of course, you can work the whole day long, spend time with your family and friends, and think that sometime you’ll earn more and leave job/get vacation/retirement and start writing a book. This is never going to happen.

Let’s start from this: you won’t make it after your first try. Don’t think all the popular writers of today earned funds before starting to write. They had their jobs, but devoted time of their days for writing.

Then, writing requires training. Just like sports. The solution is easy: write, write every day. Devote at least half an hour a day to this activity. If you don’t know what to write about, then describe your thoughts, impressions, anything that appears in your mind. This will help you improve your writing skills and widen your fantasy.

Chief, We Need a Plan!

No Plan Writer

The fourth mistake: is the lack of the precise algorithm for the work. Well, it is completely absent.  Experienced writers often have the order of writing their books. We started from the fact that it is required to write every day: this is the point number one. Then, when the idea gets shaped, you can start a serious job. The plan is next:

Idea > Gathering the needed materials > writing the first sample > editing > writing the second sample > friends reading > listening to critics > writing the third sample > putting it out on a month > editing > publishing.


Money Mistake

And, finally, the fifth mistake. Never, again, never start writing a book if your goal is a mountain of gold and a house on Hawaii. Glory and money will come in case of your success, but these shouldn’t be your stimuli. The real writer gets satisfaction form the creative process as it is.  This is how you can not only create the real chef-d’oeuvre, but not to be afraid of any criticism.

Every writer passed through mistakes, there is nothing awful in this. By passing through this difficult period of learning, gaining the experience and mastery, you’ll be able to reach your success as a writer.

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