Idea on a Book: How to Use It

Idea for Writing

Sometimes, the writer gets hit by the idea and starts suffering:

  • Is it popular nowadays?
  • What if a book on such topic isn’t needed to anyone?
  • What if I’ll waste my energy and time in vain?

The writer starts asking all his or her friends, having a hope they will allow to write about the desired topic.

You know that, don’t you? We all were there, and we all want to make someone else responsible for our fate as a writer (especially at the very beginning). This is a common mental trap which allows to stay in one’s comfort zone and to do nothing. It’s a pity, but human brain is made that way: it is “tuned” on lowering our body’s activity as much as possible and to keep its energy safe, so there was the strength in our organism to fight against leopards or bad guys from a neighbor tribe.

But we all live in a modern world. And if we want to reach success in this world, we should go out of our comfort zone and take next facts as they are:

If you orient on something which is popular right now, you’ll always remain secondary. Deeply secondary. Until you write and publish your book, something completely different will become popular.

Advisors who tell you that “this is popular”, and “this is not popular” think only by their personal feelings. For instance, there are people saying that historical books are trash and they are not needed to anyone nowadays. And Google statistics show there are almost 100 000 search requests about “history books” monthly. Do you still think people are objective about trends?

It all depends not on the “good book idea”, but on the way how you implement this idea. If the author can create attractive characters and set them up into a good plot, then everything is going to be fine for this writer.

Bad Book Ideas Look Like Next:

Banal Book Idea

Banality. Water is wet, skies are blue, the world is for peace… If the reader does not get new info, why should they invest time and money into your work?

Secondary thing. Another vampire novel like “she wants to live him, he wants to bite her”? Thanks, I’ve read that before.

Main hero who does not have human qualities and normal instincts. Sorry, the reader does not want to read about the adventures of a pie piece which dreams about being eaten. If the reader is not able to associate themselves with the main character, then the hero’s experience is useless for the reader, and their brain will deny this book as a “not needed information”.

Nationalism, intolerance, persecution mania and conspiracy theories. The writer’s goal is making the world a better place, isn’t it?

In some words: study writing mastery, read lots of books of your genre, get a strong will and discipline. Then your book will be finished as soon as possible.

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