Lessons of Travelling

Journey Experience

Trips always mean new experience and life lessons. Maybe, these are reasons why humans go travelling to far countries and foreign cities.

Our authors live all over the world, and many of them really like travelling. Some of them visited numerous countries, met different wonderful people and got useful practical experience. What did travelling actually teach them? They’ll tell this in the article below.

  1. Determine Your Goals and Wishes

Lots of people dream of leaving everything behind and going for travelling. They think that this is the way to a simple and pleasant life which will get them into a kaleidoscope of events and impressions. But even the most interesting trip will bore you soon, if burning your life time is all what you do there.

So, it is great to thing why you go for a trip before leaving. What are your goals? What do you want to achieve as a result? If to answer these questions, the trip will be built according to your expectations, and you won’t be disappointed once it is over.

  1. Watch with Your Own Eyes

Touristic business created numerous rules and recommendations for travelers. There are places of interest to visit, foods to try out, and routs recommended to go in every country. As a result, every traveler visits nearly same places, make similar photos and tell same stories.

We don’t want you to go out of regular routes completely, but it is useful sometimes to do short raids to unseen places. Become the discoverer of new interests, tastes and traditions.

  1. Honest Talk on a Budget

Trip Budget Planning

If you plan to travel with a companion, then compare your possibilities before the trip. Money is always important, they determine the time of your trip and its comfort level in most cases. Financial issues are the most frequent ones leading to misunderstanding between companions during trips. They are able to bring the whole initiative to a big failure even.

  1. Long Trip Does Not Solve Troubles

Some people leave for travelling, having a hope to hide from their troubles and problems in that way. But trips don’t bring any salvation in most cases. Troubles are rare to be solved on their own. This goes the opposite: they can grow like a snowball.

  1. Insurance

Accidents happen to everyone. They happen when you don’t expect them at all. Even if you think of yourself to be the most experienced traveler in the world, even if you go to a resort for pensioners – pay for insurance. Don’t even think about providing economy on this.

  1. You Will Feel Fear, Anxiety and Boredom Sometimes

All travelers get into troubles from time to time, but there are few of them who really like telling about that. The internet is full of glamorous pictures of tropical beaches and mountain submits, which create a vision of a trip as an unforgettable adventure.

This is not like that in reality. A trip is the part of one’s life, and life consists not only of positive emotions. It is better to understand that there will be a possibility to meet different events and emotions on the trip, sometimes negative ones. Prepare yourself so this was not a surprise in future.

  1. Memories

Most part of experienced travelers know that the common touristic places are remembered worse than anything else.  There is nothing bad to be told about huge palaces, impressive temples and ancient ruins, but these places are not what stays in your head. Real impressions are based on the unpredictable mix of smells, feelings and accidents you never can plan beforehand.

  1. Communicate with Locals

You might get invited to a marriage ceremony somewhere in India, for example. This will give you lots of knowledge about local culture and people than any book or article could ever offer. And an accidental dialogue with a taxi driver could give you the most complete picture of local reality at any country in the world.

While being on a trip, it is very easy to isolate oneself from locals in a touristic hotel or bus. But if to do so, you’ll never find out what the country breathes with.

  1. Money Is Not Guarantee, but Instrument

Journey Impressions

Nowadays, it is popular to travel at low costs. Some travelers are so proud of demonstrating their ability to go around the globe while having few dollars in their pocket that this became a kind of a mania.

But there is nothing bad in money, really. Yes, money does not guarantee you success or even positive impressions. But money really can speed-up your journeys and give you a normal level of comfort. So, never take with you less money than you can allow yourself.

  1. Keep in Contact with New Friends

Journeys are always connected to new meetings and friends. It is a chance to meet people you’d never meet in common circumstances. Sometimes, these contacts transform into friendship reaching through years and continents.

Never lose possibilities of knowing new people and allow them to know you. Be open and communicative, this helps in any situation.

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