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Not Writing Writer

If you dream about writing a novel in three parts, and there is only a blank page in front of you for days, then you need to get yourself together and start writing. Simple recommendations of our authors, based on this article, will help you do this.

Here is how you write: you sit down and start writing. Here is how you don’t write: being stunned waiting while your mood will be okay and you’ll be totally ready, the story will get competed in your head with all its details; and only then you sit and start writing.

But there are difficult days when the author tries writing and understands that there is nothing for them to say. What to do if nothing will be done? What if the pages will remain empty? When such moments happen, just remind yourself about simple ways of launching the creative process in your mind.

Answer the Question

Question on a Book

Is there any serious question appearing in your head? Do other people think of it, too? Help them find answers. Help them understand themselves.  It doesn’t matter what that question should be, just choose one of them. Even if you don’t know the precise answer, you’ll get closer to the solution while writing.

Writing is the research. You start from nothing, and you learn while you write.

Write for One Reader

Stephen King says to write for your perfect reader. You will hit nobody if you’ll have targeted them all. You won’t be able to concentrate, like a puppy under the rain of tennis balls. It is doubtfully an accident: books which came to us from depths of history are often letters to one certain person: Rilke’s “Letters to a Young Poet”, Seneka’s “Moral Letters to Lucilius, Marcus Aurelius’s “To Myself”. If it is difficult for you to start writing, open your email box, create a new letter, then enter someone’s email into an address line, and start writing.

Don’t be Afraid of Bad Drafts

When you are at the very beginning of your writing way, the first results of your job can sometimes provoke nothing but a total disgust. Fortunately, you are a writer, and the most part of your work is polishing the text and making it look good. Something really great can come as a result. Still, you always need to perform editing, and you can edit anything. But you need to let this “anything” go out.

Catch Your Inspiration When It Suddenly Comes

Writer’s Inspiration

Trust your intuition. Sometimes, inspiration strikes you really suddenly. When this happens, you need to catch it and not to let it go. And only after that you need to see what you’ve caught. Almost every lucky idea caught up by the writer started from a silent whisper. So, concentrate and listen to your mind.

Don’t Wait for Inspiration While Doing Nothing

Seriously, don’t. It’s a trap! William Faulkner once answered the question about if he writes by inspiration or by schedule: “Of course, I write by inspiration! Fortunately, it comes at half past nine every morning.” Do your job even if you don’t feel admired and inspired. This is the fastest way of finding one’s inspiration, no matter how strange it all looks.

Take Yourself from the Inside

You are a human, so your thoughts are real to seem close to other people. Write about something that bothers you personally. And another person will obligatory find something familiar in your feelings and thoughts.

Invite the Reader into a Journey

The reader wants to see a new place. The reader wants the conflict. The reader wants the conflict to be solved. The reader wats to know what’s in the end. The reader wants the story. Connect this all together and give it to the reader

Night Flashlights Analogy

Flashlight in the Night

Writing a book is like driving a car in the night. You never see anything beyond the light of your flashlights, but you can pass through the whole way like that. It seems to be scary, but just start writing.

Your Internal Voice is Not Always Your Friend

Here is a tip: don’t listen to your inner voice telling you that nothing is going to be done, that you are not the writer and you shouldn’t even start your work. It is difficult (or even impossible) to ignore this voice. So, just remember about it.

Inner voice should be somewhere on the background, like the clock sound in a room.

Pretend not to hear it, deny its arguments, laugh upon it. And finish that phrase while the voice is silent for a moment. Your live will change depending on the fact of you listening to this voice or no. We hope you to choose the second way, and to start your writing.

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